For all of my freelance writing services, I offer content packages. I charge on a per-project basis and the price depends on the type, volume, and length of content.

My specialty is writing about travel, adventure, and culture. I also write about their associated topics too, including exploration, geography, history, outdoor sports equipment, outdoor clothing, and camping gear

The aim of my freelance writing services are to share your products and services, highlight your expertise, and boost your visibility online. Each piece of written content is unique, engaging and custom-crafted to attract and build connections with your readers. I write authoritative blog posts, how-to guides, articles, listicles, and other types of in-demand content.

Adventure, travel and culture writing samples

A BBC Travel photo story about the history and geography of a remote western Kazakhstan desert.

A short guide for ExplorerWeb about travelling in the Sahara, including logistics, safety and routes.

A listicle for mitú covering 21 facts about Haiti’s history and culture.

What’s included in my writing services?

I offer three packages of content writing: basic, standard, and premium. Whichever category you choose, every piece has the following features:

  • Search engine optimised (SEO) with keyword(s).
  • Professionally written and 100% unique.
  • Fully edited and spell-checked using ProWritingAid Premium
  • Conducting online research on your target customers, business, brand, products, and services.
  • Collaborating and communicating via e-mail or your preferred platform.
  • Reviewing your content briefing notes and style guides—I can also provide you with templates and suggestions, if required.
  • Offering two free amendments.* 
  • Utilising my 10+ years of experience of working in the adventure travel, camping and outdoor industries.
  • Providing insight and extra context using statistics, quotes, and links.

*We’ll agree on the length of each piece prior to writing. If you require amendments and you request that I add additional words – for example, going into more depth about a particular area or expanding on a point – then I’ll charge the extra words at a pro rata rate. Please note: will not charge extra if I exceed the agreed word count under my own accord and without your instruction.

The standard and premium categories include additional search engine optimisation and time-saving benefits.

Content Writing Package Overview

Professionally written and unique content
Two free amendments
Search engine optimised (SEO) with keyword(s)
Conducting online research on your products, services, business, brand and target customers
Communicating and collaborating via e-mail or your preferred platform
Reviewing content style guides and briefing notes
Using quotes, links, statistics and citations to provide insight and extra context
Access to advice and input based on my 10+ years of experience in the adventure travel, camping and outdoor industries
Fully edited and spellchecked with ProWritingAid Premium
SEO headline
Custom formatting content with tables, bullet points, descriptive headings, lists, and more—to ensure easy readability.
SEO content with keyword research, internal/outbound links, meta title and meta description
Upload to content management system (CMS)
1 x Social media caption
1 x Image sourced and supplied from a free stock photo website