I create adventure, travel, and culture-related written and visual content.

If you want to chat about travel content, license my images, or have any questions, then add me on LinkedIn or e-mail me at info@matthewtraver.com.

Whether you're a business, a brand, or an individual, if words and images are central in communicating what you do, I'm here to help!


Black and white photo of a cameraman crouched beside his tent and fiddling with the lens.
Filmmaking and Video Editing

I’ve produced a range of independent travel and adventure films which have screened in over 30 international film festivals. I’m available to shoot and edit adventure travel videos for startups, tour agencies, organisations, expeditions, and teams involved with low-budget, grassroots travel projects.


I specialise in writing travel, tourism, and adventure content for businesses. I’m available for hire—view my freelancing writing rates. You can read my collection of published writing, which covers a wide range of topics and formats from specialist outdoor equipment gear guides, interviews with leading adventurers, destination-centered listicles, multimedia stories, and more. The most unusual story I’ve published is about a man who tried to walk from Alaska to China—check it out!


I have a steadily-growing collection of high-res images shot in various parts of Eurasia and primarily comprising landscape, cultural, and human subjects. If you need affordable stock images for editorial, marketing, academic purposes – or anything else for that matter – then check out my photo galleries and let me know what you’re after.

Travel & Expedition Logistics

Over the years, I have organised a dozen personal travel projects, and planned, implemented, and managed over 400 commercial cultural and trekking trips. Destinations I have travelled or arranged the logistics to include; Siberia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and East Africa. So if you need an adventure consultant or travel advice, I can help. Have a read of this report about the untapped climbing potential in eastern Tajikistan or my overview of the Sahara’s lesser-visited regions.